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Sanford Contractors Site Division Foreman Jay White, wearing a hard helmet, poses with a CAT machine at a construction site.

Jay White: Loyal Leader

August 30, 2023

Sanford Contractors Site Division Foreman Jay White demonstrates initiative, tenacity, leadership and kindness.

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A male construction worker in protective clothing and a helmet, is drinking water to quench his thirst in the harsh sunlight.

Team Member Safety In Summer

August 16, 2023

In summer, construction industry leadership must closely track weather conditions to ensure team members are properly protected on job sites.

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Graphic explaining the P.L.A.N. Project overview, layout for today, assess safety hazards, news for team.

Leadership Moment: Importance of Communication

July 26, 2023

Communication is important to SCI. Our leadership team developed an effective tool to help our teams communicate better: The PLAN.

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Photo of Luis Sanchez in a warehouse space wearing a Sanford Contractor hat and shirt.

Luis Sanchez: Enthusiastic Team Leader

July 13, 2023

Luis Sanchez appreciates Sanford Contractors being a family-oriented company. As a team member for over 16 years, he feels like part of the SCI family.

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Photo of booth set up at Tools for Schools presentation

SCI Participates in Tools for Schools

June 21, 2023

Sanford Contractor team members joined Connect for Success NC at Lee County High School to teach CTE students about construction industry tools.

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photo of Carrie Hernandez

Carrie Hernandez: Committed + Reliable

June 7, 2023

SCI Accounting Manager Carrie Hernandez enjoys being tasked with new challenges and collaborating with SCI team members.

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Donnie Oldham accepting Award at podium

Donnie Oldham Earns LCCF Man of the Year Award

May 17, 2023

The Lee County Community Foundation (LCCF) Board recognized Sanford Contractors’ President Donnie Oldham as its Man of the Year.

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Photo of the The Guild apartment building in Pittsboro NC

SCI Commercial Building: The Guild at MOSAIC

May 3, 2023

This is SCI’s first multi-family project. Leadership is proud of the team for tackling this urban-style apartment building.

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Rob Brisley poses in the SCI warehouse

Rob Brisley: New Vice President, Commercial Building

April 12, 2023

Rob Brisley joins SCI as the new Vice President, Commercial Building.

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Aerial view of Briar Chapel construction

SCI Site Development: Briar Chapel

April 5, 2023

SCI team members feel a sense of accomplishment, knowing we helped build a community where people live and play.

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Aireal View of Fayetteville Outer Loop Bridge.

SCI Bridge Construction: Fayetteville Outer Loop

March 16, 2023

SCI’s Bridge and Utility Divisions partnered with Barnhill Contracting Company on a Design-Build Contract for the Future 1-295 in Fayetteville, NC.

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Matt Jackson: Supportive Team Player

March 1, 2023

Since April 2022, Matt Jackson has been serving as Sandford Contractors’ VP of Support Services, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Support Services team.

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