SCI Internship Program

Sanford Contractors offers a comprehensive and immersive internship program designed to cultivate a workforce of experienced construction professionals able to deliver high quality work.

The SCI internship program offers industry newcomers both an introduction to commercial construction and practical firsthand experience, supporting their development of strategic and organizational skills by exposing them to management practices as well as planning, design, and bidding processes.

Learn a Variety of Skills

The SCI internship is a paid, full-time entry level position that provides participants with a holistic view of the construction industry and applicable skills, enabling them to add instant value to an employer. It also helps participants identify a career path within the industry.

SCI Internship opportunities at SCI are available in five areas, yet interns can expect to get cross-functional experience across different divisions. They’ll split their time between the field, developing a broad collection of skills by working on a variety of tasks, and the office, allowing them to participate in project planning and presentation.


Completing projects to the highest possible levels of quality