Rain Doesn’t Dampen SCI Fun   

Young woman holding baby

For the fourth year in a row, Sanford Contractors held its annual Family Fun Day Saturday, September 9, 2023, at Gross Farms in Sanford, an event designed to boost employee satisfaction and enhance our team’s strength.

Despite a complete washout, the event was held, with SCI team members bonding together and making the most of our time—food trucks fed attendees between downpours, and children enjoyed splashing in rain puddles and getting soaked. Some mentioned that even though it was a wet day, huddling up in dry spaces allowed team members to better connect with each other and their family members.

SCI did not let a little rain dampen our fun at the 4th Annual SCI Family Fun Day. Instead, it was another opportunity to build community and connect with one another away from the office. Plus, we enjoy connecting SCI work families and personal families. But sunshine in 2024 would be nice.

Aerial photo of farm with cars and buildings