Jay White: Loyal Leader

Sanford Contractors Site Division Foreman Jay White, wearing a hard helmet, poses with a CAT machine at a construction site.

Sanford Contractors Site Division Foreman Jay White is a good example of the company’s core principles—he demonstrates initiative, tenacity, leadership and kindness.

“Jay has a great attitude, he is loyal, and he is always willing to help others,” says Ian Scott, VP of SCI’s Site Division. “He communicates effectively with his team, taking time to relay his appreciation for his team members’ production and hard work.”

Jay consistently maintains his leadership qualities even when facing project complexities; he is solution-oriented and persistent when presented with difficult sitework challenges. His leadership is evident in his ongoing work with the Service Offsite Solutions project in Sanford, NC.

In his free time, Jay enjoys connecting with his family as well as all things that go fast! A die-hard Ford fan, he loves working on his Mustang, with the not-so-secret hope of making it faster.