SCI Leadership Summit: A Quality Experience

A room full of people at an SCI conference.

Quality was the word of the day at SCI’s Leadership Summit on January 26th. We engaged our entire team to reflect on company values and to celebrate a year of hard work.

The summit opened with a panel discussion on how SCI’s commitment to quality applies not only to the work we do for our clients, but also to our relationships, health and safety. The care we take in all these areas makes us better craftsmen and teammates. To quote SCI Founder Norman Oldham, “If you do good work, you will always have something to do.”

An awards ceremony followed the panel. We honored teammates with Years of Service awards and successful referrals and presented Superintendent Jeremy Stevens with the inaugural S. Brent Sloan Safety Award. In keeping with the theme of quality, breakout sessions with division leadership emphasized the role that job site safety plays in supporting your team and doing excellent work.

Due to the hard work of our organizers and presenters, SCI’s 2024 Leadership Summit was a success.