Leadership Moment: Leaders Who Get Results

Two construction workers looking at plans in blue hue

What do effective leaders do?

If you posed this question to a room full of leaders, you’d get a range of responses. Some may say that leaders build a culture while others may feel leaders are there to make things happen, motivate, or encourage those around them to grow.

If you ask instead, “What should leaders do?” you’ll likely hear a more consistent message: “A leader’s job is to get results.”

At Sanford Contractors, this resonates with who we are. We are a results-driven company.

Results keep us in business. Developers and owners hire us to do quality work. They want us to complete projects in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. To do this, we need leaders who know how to bring out the best in their team members.

Strong leaders know when to push and when to pull their crews. They know when they need to encourage them to work harder, and they know when they need to correct their behavior in a positive way. These leaders care about their team members and want to see them succeed.

Results-driven leaders have the kind of integrity that inspires trust from teammates and motivates others to do their best work.